About Us

Now we spend more time with our phone or tablet in hand, than a computer monitor. This in turn affects the way we buy on the Internet. In 85% cases buying process begins from the one device and finishes from another. That’s why your website should look and work perfectly both on PCs and mobile devices and tablets. It is necessary to ensure a synchronized and consistent user work, because in the process of buying, they may use a different devices. Namely multichannel approach distinguishes AmazingCart from the other similar applications.

Our AmazingCart was created for two different platforms – iOS and Android. And we took care about your Store which could use different plugins. So you could chose that app and plugin that you need. You purchase the app that you need on our Amazing Site and then you choose the plugin coinciding with your web-Store. That’s all. Simply, isn’t it? Also you can change the interface of your mobile shopping apps, which takes only some minutes. As customers are moving into mobile, a mobile shopping app helps your business acquire new customers and increase interaction with current customers. AmazingCart not only helps you create an app but also promote your web-site to many customers as well. With AmazingCart you will have not only a shopping app solution but also many ways to promote your Store to many customers who use this app. In the world of mobilization, moving customers to mobile is a good idea to deepen customers engagement and acquire more and more customers to your business as well.

Using Native app means you will get a great deal of benefits, they are:

– You can get notifications. This feature is very important in mobile shopping apps (for example, your customers will never miss any latest news about promotions, new arrivals…) and many other social media apps.

– Native app is specifically designed for the device so its speed, performance, security and ease of user are much better than the web-based app.

– Native app users do not have to remember complex access links (domain name) and the speed of loading interface in native applications is less than in the web or mobile sites.

– Native app helps your customers always to keep in touch with your Store.

So what we can propose to our customer? There are WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop already there.

WooCommerce – is a WordPress plugin that converts your on-line Store into a mobile app & mobile website. WooCommerce is now the most popular e-Commerce platform on the web so you can rest assured you’re in good company.

Magento is one of the most powerful e-Commerce platforms and many store owners choose Magento for their web stores. AmazingCart provides a complete solution for all Magento store owners, who are in search for a mobile shopping app for their Magento website. Once you have installed our plugin in your Magento website it start appearing in the admin panel. In the Extension configuration section you need to enter few configuration details for the Mobile app. Once the app is generated it interacts with your Magento website through various webservices to fetch information like – product categories, catalog update, orders and customer profile.

OpenCart maybe the easiest way to use e-Commerce platform. OpenCart comes with a fully mobile friendly admin area, complete with detailed product, order and customer management, sales reports, marketing tools and even more – allowing you to manage every aspect of your new on-line store from any device, anywhere in the World. Use the quick and concise dashboard to keep track of your sales, or choose from one of the many menu options to view more detail.

PrestaShop includes a powerful set of integrated tools that allow store owners to create a truly competitive on-line store. Customize your e-Commerce site with key features that help optimize conversion rates, maximize productivity, encourage repeat purchases and more. PrestaShop is easily manage your entire on-line store from your mobile device, thanks to a fully responsive back office. Stay connected to your business, even when you’re on-the-go.

What is AmazingCart?

It’s a new application that was made by Serfcompany for your on-line Stores. AmazingCart has deep integration with popular e-Commerce systems such as: WordPress (WooCommerce), Magento, Opencart and PrestaShop. Our app allows your clients to buy products from their Devices. In App Store, Google Play and soon in Microsoft Store your Shop will be visible for users and attract many clients to your Shop site.

Why AmazingCart?

AmazingCart will increase your profit because customers will be able to buy your products everywhere and anytime. It’s easy customization allows to use it to every person. The customer can change icons, descriptions, background colors and text colors in app. Your customers will independently create their mood and positive attitude by buying products in your Store.

Your Store with AmazingCart.

So your application will look like your web shop only in mobile Device. Availability of mobile app will give to your Store more representative and more trustworthy look for buyers. And of course we’ll help to promote your Store. On our website we advertise all companies who ever purchased the AmazingCart so you’ll have more visitors and potential clients.